Drivability Worksheet Form

To provide a quick, complete and accurate diagnosis of your vehicle our technicians need a thorough description of the problem. Please take a few minutes to complete this worksheet to the best of your ability. The information you provide will be a tremendous aid to the technician.

The process for testing and repair can become time consuming. Part of that process is being able to reach the customer in a timely manner. We have a minimum testing fee of $140.00. Some testing processes can be as high as $280.00. We are typically able to perform our testing in the 1.5 hours that is covered by the $140.00 testing fee and provide you with a diagnosis and an estimate for the related repairs. Occasionally, there are pre existing conditions that require more testing time. If you are comfortable with preauthorizing a dollar amount in an effort to expedite the repair process, please fill in an amount in the box below:

I authorize Grove Street Auto Repair to both test and repair my vehicle up to the amount entered in the box below without contacting me further. If the repair cost after testing will exceed the amount preauthorized I request that I be contacted before any part is installed. I understand that I will be responsible for testing fees up to the amount entered in the box below.