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The team at Grove Street Auto Repair, in Franklin, MA, knows how important it is for car owners to have the best automotive information at their fingertips to take proper care of their vehicles. We love it when our customers come to us with questions, which is precisely why we’ve created this blog! Whether you come in, call or email us, or find answers to your questions here, our team of auto mechanics and service advisors are at the ready with all the auto repair information you could ever need.


How Can I Extend the Overall Life of My Vehicle?

A vehicle is a big investment, and being able to keep your vehicle running at its best throughout the years can help you get your money's worth and ensure the highest resell value if you choose to trade in or sell your vehicle at some point.  Daily driving can definitely take a toll on your vehicle, especially if you find yourself stuck in traffic on the daily. A daily commute in traffic actually takes the biggest toll on our vehicles due to the constant stop and go. So, if you are a daily driving, you may find that your vehicle needs maintenance more frequently. This is necessarily a bad thing, but will help you avoid major issues over time.  Below are some helpful tips on how to extend the life of your vehicle and increase your vehicle’s fuel efficiency:  Safe Driving Giving yourself plenty of time to slow down or stop behind the vehicle in front of you actually protects your vehicle. When you drive the speed limit, you’ll increase ... read more

A Message About COVID-19 from Grove Street Auto Repair

A Message About COVID-19 from Grove Street Auto Repair

Here at Grove Street Auto Repair, nothing is more important than the health and safety of our customers and our employees. As the health community continues to monitor the emergence of coronavirus (COVID-19), Grove Street Auto Repair is determined to do whatever we can to make sure our customers have options and know the steps we are taking for their safety and health. Auto repair is recognized as an essential business, which is why we are permitted to remain open to serve you. We understand how important a reliable vehicle is at this time, whether you still need to get to work, the store, or the hospital. Please know that we are available whether you find yourself needing a repair or need to get a service done.  In order to do our part to prevent the spread of COVID-19, we are implementing the following measures: We are limiting entry to our building to employees and customers only. All outside vendors are dropping off supplies and part at the door. We are sa ... read more