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3 Key Benefits of Coolant Flushes


There are several different car care tasks, and cooling system maintenance is one of the most important. Your engine is composed of hot metal parts; the coolant absorbs the generated heat and prevents the engine water from boiling. It also prevents the metal parts from rusting. Over time, your coolant can accumulate contaminants that can build up. Contaminant build-up can cause your vehicle to overheat and struggle to power the air conditioner. A coolant flush resolves this issue by pushing four to five gallons of antifreeze through the cooling system to flush it out. Most vehicles can benefit from a coolant flush at least once a year. If your vehicle overheats and the coolant is low and discolored, it's time to have your vehicle serviced. Coolant flushes have several significant benefits to your vehicle's health; below are three ways coolant flushes boost your vehicle's efficiency. 

It removes all rust, deposits, and contaminants. 

Rust and deposits can build up within the cooling system and cause overheating or significant damage. During a coolant flush, new coolant is washed through the system to remove all harmful scale deposits. 

It increases the lifespan of the water pump. 

Removing old antifreeze and replacing it with new fluid not only restores the life of the water pump but extends its lifespan. Coolant has essential additives that can deteriorate over time. New coolant has fresh additives that can help lubricate the water pump and run at its highest capacity. 

The opportunity to have your cooling system inspected. 

A coolant flush allows the automotive experts to inspect the cooling system. This inspection can check for leaks and any other problems that may cause problems in the future. 

Coolant Flush in Franklin, MA

Grove Street Auto Repair has ASE Certified technicians who use only the highest-grade tools and equipment when working on your vehicle. We are the cooling system experts for all vehicle makes and models. If you suspect it's time for a coolant flush, don't hesitate to reach out. Old coolant can become extraordinarily acidic and clumpy, decreasing performance. A coolant flush can prevent costly long-term damage in the future. To schedule a coolant flush, click here to set an appointment. 

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