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3 Signs It’s Time for An Oil Change

3 Signs It’s Time for An Oil Change

Oil changes are just as essential for vehicles as a stop at the gas station. When oil changes are performed regularly, they help increase the engine’s longevity and significantly boost overall performance. Clean engine oil provides lubrication for the engine, allowing its hot moving parts to move smoothly and fluidly. Your car gets the best gas mileage when the engine is fresh. These benefits make neglecting an oil change a bad idea. Below is a guide of the top three signs it’s time to schedule an oil change. 

The oil is dark and dirty.
Clean oil has an amber color and should be free of dirt, debris, and sludge. As you drive, the oil collects pollutants from the engine. If you suspect you’re overdue for an oil change, oil pollutants can turn into sludge, rendering it completely ineffective for the engine. Check your oil at least once a month. Checking your oil is pretty simple – remove the yellow oil dipstick from the engine, wipe it, put it back in, and remove it once again. The dipstick will indicate the oil level and quality. 

The engine is knocking.
The engine sounds louder than usual. When the engine oil is clean, it provides a barrier between the moving engine parts. This prevents metal-on-metal contact. If the oil is in bad quality, the engine parts will bang and knock against each other. Get the oil changed immediately to avoid costly engine damage. 

The check engine light is on.
Do not wait until the check engine light comes on to get the oil changed. The moment the oil light illuminates, the engine is low on oil. In severe circumstances, the light will illuminate when engine damage potentially occurred or has already occurred. 

Oil Change Service in Franklin, MA

Oil changes don’t have to be a long, tedious experience. The automotive specialists at Grove Street Auto Repair are ASE Certified mechanics who are committed to customer satisfaction. We’re a family-owned business providing premier automotive service in Franklin for well over twenty years. If you need an oil change, click here to schedule an appointment or give us a call at 508-507-2008.