The team at Grove Street Auto Repair, in Franklin, MA, knows how important it is for car owners to have the best automotive information at their fingertips to take proper care of their vehicles. We love it when our customers come to us with questions, which is precisely why we’ve created this blog! Whether you come in, call or email us, or find answers to your questions here, our team of auto mechanics and service advisors are at the ready with all the auto repair information you could ever need.

Auto Repair Shops in Franklin, MA

Auto Repair Shop near me Franklin MA

The best solution to keep your automobile in good shape is to have a regular visit at a reliable, full-service auto repair shop. When looking for a place that knows you and your vehicle, our professional electricians in Franklin can give you the best assistance on your Auto Repairs needs. 

Grove Street Auto Repair is your one-stop auto repair shop and dealership alternative here in Franklin, MA. We are trained professionals with upgraded tools and equipment that gives quality auto repair services for all types of vehicles. 

Auto Repair Technicians in Franklin, MA

We are committed to helping you maintain the performance and resale value of your car for more than it's worth. That is why we only give you the best, factory-trained technicians paired with the latest technologies offered in the industry.

Our ASE certifications are maintained regularly to ensure that our clients only receive premium quality service. Rest assured that our expertise in the industry throughout the decades puts you into good hands. 

Auto Repair Services That We Provide in Franklin

Auto repair is necessary to not only maintain the car’s good condition but also to ensure the driver and the passengers are both safe. Car owners are expected to know how a vehicle sounds like when it's running smoothly and when it's not running correctly. 

It might sound more complicated than it is, which is only reasonable for you to refer and entrust the diagnostics of your vehicle to our professionals. Here are some of the Auto Repair Services that our team offers: 

  • Alternator Repair
  • Electric Cable Check-up
  • Short-circuit and Electrical Malfunction repair
  • Inspection and diagnostic services
  • General Maintenance

Advantages of Having Grove Street Auto Repair for Auto Repair Service

The benefits of having a reputable Auto Repair Shop with experienced mechanics can never be overrated. Our experienced mechanics in Franklin are well-trained to inspect, diagnose, and evaluate your vehicle’s current state and provide the needed repair and assistance. Our computer-based equipment is used to identify a dying battery or faulty wiring accurately. 

Here is a list of things to consider on why you should have complete Auto Repair Services with us:

Preventive Maintenance

Many people underestimate the value of preventive maintenance. These are the same individuals that have safety issues or break down on the side of the road in tragic circumstances, requiring a tow.


Grove Street Auto Repair wants to help you avoid this type of incident by assisting you in developing a regular auto repair preventative maintenance routine for your car. When you know what kind of repair and maintenance is coming up, you can schedule for it and be assured that your vehicle is safe enough for us to get you wherever you need to go.


Auto Repair Shops in Franklin, MA

Never ignore the signs of faulty wiring, incorrect start-up sounds, and dimming lights that your vehicle is trying to tell you. Do not hesitate to consult our experts here at Grove Street Auto Repair that gives premium care and advanced technologies that can handle your car’s potential issues. Give us a call today at (508) 507-2008.

You can also schedule an appointment online or visit our auto repair center at79 Grove Street, Franklin, MA, 02038.