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Top Maintenance Tips From The Best Auto Mechanics Near Franklin MA

Maintenance Tips From Best Auto Mechanics near Franklin MA - Grove Street Auto Repair

As a car owner, one of your responsibilities is to bring your vehicle to auto mechanics Near Franklin, MA. Regular maintenance is essential. It helps keep your vehicle running as smoothly as safely as possible while you’re on the road. You can find all the maintenance needs and their schedule in your car’s manual.

Aside from bringing your car to auto mechanics in Franklin, MA, there are things you can do to keep your vehicle in top shape. Listed below are the top maintenance tips that expert automotive specialists want you to know.

Drive Carefully Every day in Franklin Massachusetts

Your car is a significant investment that you want to keep for as long as possible. One thing that can help you do is by driving your car with care every day. You can easily add several years to the life of your car if you avoid racing the engine during start-up. Accelerate gradually when you start to drive. Stop the common practice of warming the engine and leaving it idle in the driveway because it can damage your car parts. You have to bring your vehicle to auto mechanics near Franklin, MA in case that happens.

When you stop at red lights, you should consider shifting to neutral so that the engine does not need to continue working to push the car even if it is not moving. You must avoid accelerating quickly and driving at high speeds because it may lead to more frequent car repairs.

Protect Your Car When Not In Use

You can protect your car even if it is not in use. If you are leaving your vehicle in the garage or storage for more than one month, there are a few things you need to do to prevent unnecessary repairs and damage when you return. Bring your car to auto mechanics near me Franklin, MA for assistance. Fill the gas tank and add a fuel stabilizer. Drive the vehicle around a bit to spread the additive to the different parts of the engine.

You should also wash and wax the vehicle to protect its paint before leaving it in the garage. Prevent brake corrosion by disengaging the parking brake. Place the car on car jacks stand and keep the weight of the vehicle off the tires and the wheels. You can always work with auto mechanics near me Franklin, Massachusetts in case you need help with the repairs and maintenance of your vehicle before putting it on storage.

Change The Oil, Oil Filter, and Air Filter

Your engine needs oil to function. It keeps the engine parts of your vehicle from grinding against one another and damaging the engine. You may be wondering what kind of motor oil you have to use. Auto mechanics near Franklin, MA says you can choose between synthetic or petroleum-based oil.

Which one you choose is not important as long as it meets the viscosity and service requirement of the car, as indicated in the manual of your vehicle. You may have to replace the filter at least once a year. How often you need to do so will depend on how much you drive your vehicle. Bring your vehicle to auto mechanics in Franklin, Massachusetts to change the oil and air filter.

Watch out for Brake Issues

The braking system of your vehicle plays a crucial role in its performance. Watch out for brake problems. 

Unusual Sounds

Pay attention to how your brakes sound and feel whenever you drive your car. If you notice anything weird like a spongy feeling on the brakes or if you need to add more pressure when using the brakes, you have to bring your vehicle to a car specialist in Franklin, MA.

Squealing or Grinding Noises

A squealing sound means your vehicle needs new brake pads. Grinding noises may mean rust formed in the brake rotors, while a rattling or vibrations sound means the rotors are worn out and needs replacement.

At Grove Street Auto Repair, you can rest easy knowing that your vehicle is in good hands. Our team of auto mechanics in Franklin, Massachusetts are experienced and skilled when it comes to repairs and maintenance of different car models. With over 20 years of service, our team of auto specialists has established long-lasting business relationships and an exceptional reputation.

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