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Taking Care of Your Car During a Pandemic

Taking Care of Your Car During a Pandemic

Pandemic lockdown, stay at home orders have been with us for about a year now. So, if you're wondering how you should maintain your vehicle during this time, don't worry; you're certainly not alone. Some of the questions you might be asking yourself might include:

  • Does the fact that I don't drive my vehicle much now matter?
  • Is there anything I should do with my vehicle since it's just sitting here?
  • When should I service my vehicle now that I hardly use it?

These are normal questions to ask yourself. And now, with the pandemic lingering on, more vehicles are just sitting in garages, driveways, and parking lots. Even with the reduced usage, you still need to keep on top of your vehicle's maintenance.

Oil gets dirty even when sitting in an idle vehicle, so you still need to stay on top of oil upkeep. And remember to keep your gas tank full to prevent moisture build-up in the fuel tank, leading to rust and further harm.

If your COVID-19 driving habits fit into the minimal vehicle usage category, the most important thing to do is to make sure that you drive your vehicle at the very least once a week. Ensure you get your vehicle to an operating temperature, preferably at highway speed; this will help prevent many issues down the road. If you haven't already done so, schedule a safety inspection. A complete vehicle inspection should take place every six months. Follow these simple guidelines to help keep your family safe on the road. Don't hesitate to call us if you have any questions or concerns about the proper care and service of your car:

  1. Road testing
  2. Testing the battery
  3. Scrutinizing tire pressure
  4. Checking under the vehicle
  5. Examining the oil and other fluid levels
  6. Inspecting for rodent infestation and damage under the hood

Failure to adhere to these inspection recommendations can result in the following issues:

  1. Tire flat spots
  2. Rodent building nests in the air filter
  3. Rodents eating wiring and hoses,
  4. Fuel lines chewed through, causing a gas leakage
  5. Rodents dying in ventilation systems
  6. Rodents using vehicle insulation to build nests
  7. Premature battery failure
  8. Rusted brake rotors leading to brake vibrations
  9. Emergency brake stick in the on position

Because of the pandemic, our driving habits have changed, introducing several unique challenges, which require us to rethink how and when we service our vehicles.

If you need maintenance performed on an idle vehicle, bring it in to our auto repair shop today! We will be more than happy to service your vehicle safely.