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Signs It’s Time to Have Your Brakes Inspected

There’s nothing more embarrassing than backing out of a parking spot only to have your brakes give out a loud squeak. After driving several thousands of miles, the brakes will start to get worn. The brakes are used every time you drive, and your safety relies on their performance. Regular servicing should increase their lifespan, but what happens if you forget to have the brake pads changed? Brakes shouldn’t be overlooked, and it’s essential to recognize the warning signs that it’s time to get them serviced if life gets too busy. Below are a few common signs that there may be an issue with your brakes: 

The Brake Light Came On.
The moment the brake light illuminates on the dashboard, it’s time to have your brakes checked. The red warning light signals a problem with the handbrake, while the yellow light indicates the antilock braking system. 

The Brake Pads are Worn.
Every time you stop your vehicle, friction is placed between your brake pads and the rotor. Over time, the brake pads will become worn causing your car to take longer to stop. If brake pads are thinner than 6.35 mm, they are unstable and no longer secure; it’s time to replace them. 

You Notice a Grinding Sound.
If it’s been a long time since your brakes were serviced, the brake pads may have worn completely thin. Metal rubbing against metal can produce a grinding sound. Brake pads that are worn thin are hazardous and less effective, causing dangerous driving conditions. 

The Steering Wheel is Wobbling. 
If you apply pressure to the brakes and the steering wheel starts wobbling, this can indicate wheel alignment and brake issues. The brake rotor may have come out of alignment, or the calipers in the front brakes can’t detach themselves adequately. There are several reasons the steering wheel will start to wobble; it’s essential to have this inspected right away to prevent additional damage.  

The Brake Pedal Feels Spongy.
It’s important to pay attention to how your vehicle feels while driving. Have you recently noticed a change in your brake pedal’s resistance? If the brake pedal feels softer or spongy when you press on it, the brakes need to be inspected. A spongy brake pedal may be a sign that there’s a brake fluid leak. Brake fluid leaks are rare but can happen to the best of us. Any leaks in the brake fluid will drastically decrease the brakes’ performance, making any drive a dangerous one. 

Get Your Brakes Checked at Grove Street Auto Repair in Franklin, MA.  

If you notice signs that your brakes are failing, don’t hesitate to get them inspected. The brakes are essential safety components of your vehicle, and they should be fully functional. Grove Street Auto Repair has been the number one choice for top of the line automotive repair in Franklin, MA, since 1998. Our technicians are brake specialists and would be happy to give your brakes a full inspection. If you’re noticing any of the above signs, schedule an appointment, and we’d be glad to assist you.