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Vehicle Maintenance Items to Never Ignore

Vehicle Maintenance Items to Never Ignore

Purchasing a vehicle is a big investment. Protecting that investment is in your best interest in the long run, regardless of what your plans are for the vehicle in the future. Ensuring that your vehicle is well maintained and serviced regularly will not only save you money on repairs in the long run, but will also help you avoid having to deal with unexpected breakdowns. Plus, you'll keep the value of your vehicle at its highest in case you want to trade in or sell your vehicle later down the road. 

When it comes to vehicle maintenance, following your vehicle's recommended services and maintenance items is the single best way to ensure a properly working vehicle. If your car isn't taken care of, systems will start failing and it won't perform well, definitely not as well as it did before. The better care you take of your vehicle, the longer it will last and the more reliable it will be. 

Maintenance includes a number of different things, from regular inspections to oil changes and other recommended services by your vehicle's manufacturer. While you may feel that your vehicle's manufacturer recommendations are excessive, the truth is that many of these items are just inspections or are very minor services. While the importance of all maintenance items is there, we want to highlight some of the services that should never be ignored when they are due: 

  • Oil Changes
  • Filter Changes
  • Fluid Flushes (transmission, coolant, power steering, brakes, etc.) 
  • Brake Inspections and Service
  • Spark Plug Replacement
  • A/C Refrigerant and System Inspection
  • Tire Inspection and Service
  • Wheel Alignment

While these are just a few of the items we recommend never to ignore, we invite you into Grove Street Auto Repair any time you find yourself due for maintenance. For expert car maintenance in Franklin MA, give us a call or stop by our shop today!