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How Can I Extend the Overall Life of My Vehicle?

How Can I Extend the Overall Life of My Vehicle


A vehicle is a big investment, and being able to keep your vehicle running at its best throughout the years can help you get your money's worth and ensure the highest resell value if you choose to trade in or sell your vehicle at some point. 

Daily driving can definitely take a toll on your vehicle, especially if you find yourself stuck in traffic on the daily. A daily commute in traffic actually takes the biggest toll on our vehicles due to the constant stop and go. So, if you are a daily driving, you may find that your vehicle needs maintenance more frequently. This is necessarily a bad thing, but will help you avoid major issues over time. 

Below are some helpful tips on how to extend the life of your vehicle and increase your vehicle’s fuel efficiency: 

Safe Driving

Giving yourself plenty of time to slow down or stop behind the vehicle in front of you actually protects your vehicle. When you drive the speed limit, you’ll increase your vehicle’s fuel efficiency and you’ll be much safer on the road. 

Regular Maintenance & Inspections

Making sure your vehicle is always properly maintained is a great way to extend the life of your vehicle. When you have regular inspections or service, you avoid major repairs and unwanted breakdowns that can happen when a car is poorly kept. Be sure to be aware of your vehicle's recommended services and bring your vehicle into Grove Street Auto Repair when you're due for maintenance. 

Good Tires

Tires are actually a huge culprit in decreasing fuel efficiency, and are important to your safety on the road overall. When your tires aren’t properly inflated, it takes your vehicle more effort to move. Plus, under inflated tires or misaligned wheels can cause your tires to wear out prematurely, costing you money on a new set 

Minimize A/C Use

This is just a suggestion, not a necessity, but if you can help it - try rolling down your window once in a while rather than blasting the A/C. The A/C actually uses up fuel and power from your engine, and if you don't need it, don't use it! 

Keep a Clean Car

A dirty car or a stuffed trunk can actually decrease your vehicle's fuel efficiency. This is because your vehicle requires more effort to run and has to carry a heavier load. Plus, a clean car means a better overall condition, making your vehicle worth more over time. 

We hope that these tips are helpful for understanding a few things you can do in order to extend the overall life of your vehicle. If you ever need a service or repair, don’t hesitate to bring your vehicle into the experts here at Grove Street Auto Repair for friendly service.