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What's the Difference between Synthetic and Regular Motor Oil?

What's the Difference between Synthetic and Regular Motor Oil

Without oil, you can't operate your car. Whether you choose to use synthetic or regular oil, also referred to as conventional oil, your car's oil is what keeps it from functioning. Here's what you need to know about the benefits of synthetic and conventional oils and their benefits.

What is Synthetic Oil

Synthetic oil is designed to lubricate traditional internal combustion engines. Other engines that use synthetic oil include airplane engines and the engines of metal stamping machines. This type of oil is a man-made chemical compound that is an alternative to traditional oil.

What Are the Benefits of Synthetic Oil?

Synthetic oil:

  • Reduces the strain on the environment caused by the extraction and refining procedures used to obtain crude oil
  • Improved chemical stability
  • Improved viscosity index (VI)
  • Decreased evaporative loss
  • Improved lubrication during extreme weather

What is Conventional Oil?

Conventional oil is distilled and refined from crude oil. People were using this traditional oil long before using synthetic oil. Crude oil is found in nature and consists of carbon and hydrogen compounds. Crude oil is found in tar sands and underground reservoirs.

What Are the Benefits of Conventional Oil?

Conventional oil:

  • Is inexpensive
  • Is Good for newer model cars
  • Works well for older model cars
  • Works well with upgraded vehicles

What Are the Benefits of Regular Oil Changes?

Regular oil changes protect your car from harmful substances, such as dust and debris. Getting a regular oil change also improves your gas mileage and helps prevent your engine from overheating by preventing friction. You can save money by changing your oil every 5,000 miles. When you change your oil, you are helping prevent your car from needing minor and expensive major repairs. Regular oil changes improve the life of your car. You want your car to last many years, and oil changes keep the moving parts of your car lubricated and functioning as they should and prevents various malfunctions.

Every car requires an oil change, and we're here to help. When you need an oil change, don't hesitate to visit our repair shop! We are more than happy to help.